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Florida Decorative Concrete Acrylic Deck System can add beauty and enhance your old and worn pool deck surface. Acrylic Texture Spray Decks add beauty to your pool deck area for many years at an economical price and is an alternative to Brick Pavers for Pool Decks , Driveways, & Walkways.
Acrylic Spray Decking
Acrylic Spray Decking
Acrylic Spray Decking with border
Brick Pavers

Nothing compares to the elegance of Pavers in today’s residential and commercial architecture. For patios, walkways & pool decks they are simply the finishing statement.  Florida Decorative Concrete sets the standard for quailty and complete customer satisfaction.
Old Chicago
Bocca T Pattern
Brick Paver Sealing
Preserves the original beauty of your concrete paving stones.
Simple to clean and maintain.
Provides a smooth surface to resist abrasion.
Colors of paving stones intensifies.
Helps to prevent discolorations and stains.
Stops mildew, bacteria growth and algae.
Water proofs and seals to protect surface.
Weather and wear protection.
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